Fight Injury. Increase Wellness.

Sensor Communication

The only company in the world to connect multiple sensors to a smartwatch.

Cost Saving ROI

Back injury may cost over $35K and our solution $1K

Expertise You Can Trust

Over 12 years of validated state of the art science from DARPA to the factory floor

Novel Solution

Fusion of artificial intelligence, science and technology

Predict your workforce's risk. Prevent injury costs.

Increase worker wellness.

Boost is our wide deployment solution that empowers the worker towards wellness and the enterprise to gain unique insights that will support better decisions regarding the health of your workforce.  Outcomes are unmatched.  Accuracy is validated by the US Army.

Boost Supports

Worker wellness

Injury prevention


Ergonomics assessment

Risk assessment

Boost is the only all-in-one solution on a third party Samsung or Apple smartwatch.

Back and shoulder injury risk prediction and prevention

Influenza like illness detection prior to onset of symptoms and social distance detection

Fatigue assessment using real-time measurement of VO2 from a watch

Dehydration and thermal stress detection and prevention prior to onset of symptoms

Lone worker safety including GPS location, health status, and communication on a watch

Noise detection and warning (Coming December 2020)

CO2 detection and warning (Coming December 2020)

Gox Labs Competition

GoX Labs

Movement Injury

Illness + Proximity

Fatigue/Driver Fatigue


Noise/Clean Air

(Dec 2020)

Third Party Hardware



Movement Injury


Third Party Hardware

(Waist Belt Clip)

StrongArm Tech

Movement Injury

Third Party Hardware

(Chest Mounted)


Movement Injury

Third Party Hardware

(Arm Band)


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