Ergo Pro

Take the Lab Outside of the Lab.

Ergo Pro is our most complete biomechanical and physiological assessment solution.  It is intended for the professional to assess form, force, fatigue, fitness and environment.  Accuracy is validated by US Army sponsored protocols. 

Ergo Pro Supports

Worker wellness

Injury prevention


Ergonomics assessment

Risk assessment

Physical demand analysis

Industrial performance programs

Falls cost U.S. employers $17.1 Billion every year.


Take your ergonomics assessment beyond the clipboard. Ergo Pro measures over 30 separate parameters to fully assess movement, forces, physiological response, fitness, work output, and environmental conditions. Everything you need is in the Ergo Pro.

Safety Programs

Help establish your safety goals by measuring the risks that we know are the predictors of injury such as fatigue, form, force, fitness, and environment. Then measure progress towards achieving these goals by a continual feedback loop of measure – treat – measure

Physical Demand Analysis

No more guess work in determining the actual physiological and biomechanical response to physical work tasks. The Ergo Pro using validated maskless VO2 assessment can provide the exact energetic cost of physical tasks at given individual fitness and environment conditions. 30 other metrics are collected at the same time and aggregate by time and task. These are accessible on our cloud-based dashboard near realtime.

Return to Work

Accurately measure the functional response to clinical treatment with the Ergo Pro. Actively measure progress and know with certainty when the desired levels of functional capabilities are achieved. Communicate progress via our cloud platform and dashboard that is accessible on any web enabled device.

Object or equipment injuries cost U.S. employers

$9.4 Billion every year.


We use modern smart phones such as the Samsung S7 as the central computer for the Ergo Pro.


All of the sensor data is sent via Bluetooth and collected on the phone. The phone, once connected via wifi or cellular connectivity to the internet, transmits the data to our secure cloud platform.



      Daily and historical data 

      Risk assessment


      Daily visibility of work risk and compliance

      Reduce risk with targeted interventions


      Organization risk and trends

      Monitor organizational compliance

Center Pod

Measures good and bad trunk movement 




1 meter drop proof

24 hrs battery life

FCC/CE compliant


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