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Upstream prevention of chronic conditions by empowering you to live better and healthier lives.

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Globally, workers are aging and becoming less healthy.

80% of chronic disease and 100% of workforce injury are preventable.

$1,100 B

Costs of chronic disease

$250 B

Costs of work-related injuries & illnesses

End to End Worker Wellness Solution

Fusion of State of the Art Science and Artificial Intelligence

World’s first to predict and prevent your future injury and diseases using our proprietary, government validated, prevention platform.  GoX Labs’ industry leading workforce wellness solution 12 years in the making from West Point to DARPA.



Predict your workforce's risk. Prevent injury costs. Increase worker wellness.


Ergo Pro

Take the lab outside of the lab.




Validated by the Department of Defense.


Lower Risk

Unmatched Outcome

Includes data on lifts, V02, heart rate, and steps.

"GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness is a wearable sensor kit specifically designed for ergonomists. The easy to deploy sensors and accurate algorithms for form, fatigue, and force provide the most comprehensive insight into how to improve worker safety and wellness." 


"Briotix is thrilled to be working with GoX Studio [now GoX Labs] to lead the application of wearable technologies and cutting edge science as GoX brings this innovative solution to market."

Matthew Marino

PT, MSPT, CPE, CSCS, TSAC-F, FMS, Lead Ergonomist with Briotix, global leaders in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and ergonomics

Which performs better to test subjects in both walking, loaded walking, and running.


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