GoX Labs Story

$8M & 7 Years R&D

At GoX Labs, accuracy wins. We discover technology that drives the next generation of wearable devices. Our technology has broad uses to improve the performance and health of industrial workers, recreational and professional athletes, the elderly, and even soldiers and rescue workers in the field.

GoX Labs was co-founded by Joe Hitt and Bruce Floersheim, two service-disabled Army officers who went on to teach at the U.S. Military Academy and become recognized experts in the field of wearable robotics.

Because of injuries sustained from military service, our CEO, Joe Hitt, started the Warrior Web program at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) in 2012 to reduce musculoskeletal injury and enhance wellness and performance.

Joe hired over 20 groups to help develop the science and the framework to mitigate injury. Our COO, Bruce, was the research center director at West Point who partnered with Joe to support R&D.


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