Workforce Safety

Fight workforce injury and increase wellness.

Boost predicts and prevents future injury and disease.


Assess fatigue using real-time smartwatch measurements of VO2.

Slips, Trips, Falls

Detect bad form with the neck pod and alert the user using haptics through the smartwatch.


Detect influenza-like illness prior to symptoms and smartwatch haptic alerts to meet social distance.

Mental Health

Get a better understanding of your worker's mental health and happiness while on the job.

Heat Illness

Dehydration and heat illness can dramatically reduce worker performance. At 86° F, performance decreases by 14%. Workers can lose up to 6 liters of water per hour but can only replenish 1 liter/hour. The Boost solution is proactive and closed loop. We predict the future effects of heat by measuring exertion, sweat loss, and current and peak heat index.

Musculoskeletal Injury

Musculoskeletal injury is considered one of the top wellness issues in the emergency services. We have mapped the correlations between the key drivers of injury which are movement, fitness, fatigue, force, and environment to its outcome. We can assess your risk of injury by measuring the key drivers.

Infectious Disease

Detect illness up to 72 hours prior to the onset of symptoms.

Risk of infectious disease is increasing as humans are exposed to an ever increasing number of animal borne viruses, which reach in the millions. Most human transmissions occur from pre or asymptomatic carriers. Boost focuses on detecting the illness prior to peak contagiousness to protect the force by tracking respiration rate, oxygen saturation, sleep, resting heart rate.

Be there for lone workers.

Track worker's fatigue, sleep, heart rate, time driving, and vehicle speed and GPS location. Alert worker from their watch when they are fatigued and need to stop and rest.









Train Daily Using Wearables

The watch tracks your heart rate and V02 while the motion pod tracks form. When the worker is at a high-risk heart rate, dehydrated, or using bad form the watch will alert them.

Choose Your Platform

The only all-in-one solution on a third party Samsung or Apple smartwatch.

How it Works


User puts on watch at the beginning of the day.


Critical physiological & biomechanical data collected measures risk shown in green, amber, & red. If risk is too high haptic feedback alerts the worker.


Data is continuously collected on the watch and uploaded to the cloud when connectivity is established via wifi or cellular.


At this time, managers, executives, and workers can view the data from the dashboard on their computer or phone.

Make decisions based on worker data.


Predict risks upstream and prevent losses by changing behavior and environment.

Measure fitness, fatigue, form, fitness, environment, and performance.

Identify risks from measurements.

Change behavior with user-to-leader level accountability and positive reinforcement.

Our Competition

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Track proximity of equipment and alert workers when too close. Assess proprioception so that workers are more alert when at risk of impact injury.

Aging Workforce

Protect older workers who suffer strains from repetitive movements in constrained positions.


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