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Workforce Safety

Fight workforce injury and increase wellness.

GoX BOOST Media Event

GoX Labs BOOST Safety AI to Predict and Prevent Future Injury and Disease.

  • GoX BOOST Safety AI together with Samsung Galaxy hardware is world’s most advanced all-in-one enterprise safety solution to prevent future heat, fatigue, musculoskeletal, slips/trips/falls and fitness related injuries.

  • Our vision is to make the modern workplace safe. GoX BOOST was able to eliminate all heat injuries in a large steel factory which had numerous serious heat injuries in all previous years, winning GoX Labs a US national safety innovation award this year.

  • We are leading the way towards the “Generative AI” for Enterprise Safety stopping future injuries from ever happening

  • With increasing global temperatures, this solution is critical today as we proactively fight the impacts on the workforce.

  • To start your journey towards a safer and happier workforce, please contact us at


Press Release Coming Soon!

GoX Boost Explainer Video

GOXLABS SAFETY AI BOOST 2023 Explainer Video
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GoX Labs Partners


Flairz Health is a comprehensive Occupational Risk Management Platform for the Industrial Workforce and First Responders. Using AI algorithms leveraging GoX's BOOST, we detect, analyze physical and emotional injury risks. We deliver personalized micro-behavioral nudges for workers and strategic insights for workforce risk mitigation.


Protecting workers in industrial settings calls for solutions that do more than just monitor and report. It demands technologies that protect and empower. The Sentri360® platform and ecosystem connects technologies in computer vision, wearables, and sensor fusion to improve worker health and safety.

EIL GLobal

EIL Global is a digital transformation enterprise focusing on technologies of the future such as AI, Blockchain and Cloud Computing. EIL Global is an integral partner of GoX Labs in providing AI powered Workforce Safety Technology in APAC locations, primarily Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The Technology helps in preventing injuries at workplace by more than 50% and helps in building a resilient, strong, and seamless workforce.

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