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Case Study

University Researcher, Exoskeletons and Robotic Prosthetics

“Any researcher that has ever used a standard metabolic system will enjoy the increased freedom they`ll experience going mask-free with the GoX Boost kit. GoX Boost`s wearable sensors are much easier to deploy inside or outside and give you lab-accurate results for metabolic cost, ground reaction forces, and heart rate-all with the data synced in time. In any environment, I can make changes on the fly to the exoskeletons or robotic prosthetic we are testing and instantly see the effect those changes have on a person`s biometrics. The GoX Boost Kit is also cheaper and more complete than other systems we`ve used in the past.”

— Dr. Tom Sugar, University Wearable Robotics Researcher


Wearable robotics is exploding. Systems have to get out the lab and be tested in everyday environments.

GoX Boost let Dr. Tom Sugar work outside of the lab and develop new control algorithms for how his exoskeleton effects a person in real-time in relevant environments. His algorithms allow technology to adjust to each person instead of a person adjusting to the technology.

GoX Boost gave Dr. Sugar the complete picture for form, force, and fatigue. Seeing how a person uses oxygen in real time (VO2 levels)-all while working mask-free was particularly valuable to tweaking his exoskeleton on the fly.

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