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All-in-One Enterprise Safety Solution

Trusted by CNA Insurance
Official Samsung Partner

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We Predict and Prevent Future Injury and Disease

Gox Labs in partnership with CNA Insurance leverages powerful data, state of the art science, best in class wearables, and artificial intelligence to provide the enterprise the most effective and outside validated safety solution on the planet. 

Why Boost by GoX Labs?​

Businesses can trust the award-winning injury prevention solution that was developed using more than 15 years of outcome-correlated data. The Boost models have been independently validated by the U.S. government and Samsung Korea for their accuracy.​

Boost has proven a 100% reduction in heat injuries, a 30% reduction in musculoskeletal injuries, a 30% reduction in injury-related costs and a 40% increase in productivity.​

There is no other commercially available all-in-one injury prevention solution that addresses all of the top injury​

categories in the world.

What does Boost prevent?​

  • Heat stress​

  • Dehydration​

  • Fatigue​

  • Overexertion​

  • Slips/Trips/Falls​

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders:​

  • Back​

  • Shoulder​

  • Ankle​

What else can we identify?​

  • Ambient temperature​

  • Lone worker/Man down​

  • Air quality and CO2​

  • Ambient noise risk​

Start your journey towards a safer workforce with Boost by GoX Labs.

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