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Scientific Study

IRB Protocol VO2 Algorithm Development

GoX Studio IRB Protocol for VO2 Algorithm Development

Achieved 95% accuracy when VO2 estimate (PKSE) was compared to results from Cosmed Fitmate Pro


IRB Protocol: IRB (ARL 15-103) approved 19 Jan 2016

1. Protocol Title: Human Integrated Performance Optimizer (HIPO)

2. Principal Investigator Name: Joseph Hitt, Ph.D.

3. Investigator’s Institution: GoXtudio, LLC

4. Funding Source

  • Identify DoD Funding source: W91CRB-11-D-0004 0024

  • Contract Officer: Lisa Gregory

  • Award number: W91CRB-11-D-0004

5. Protocol Number: ARL 15-103

Venue: ASU Polytechnic Gait Lab

Subjects: 10 men and 10 women

Dates: June 16 –Aug 16

Inclusion Criteria:

  • 18-35 years of age

  • Veterans -Experience carrying heavy loads

  • Fit for load and temperature

IRB Protocol for VO2 Algorithm chart.png

6. VO2 Estimate Method: Scosche HRM connected wearable motion and ambient temperature sensors, and proprietary algorithm.

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