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GoX Studio introduces GoX Ergo, Wearable Sensors to Improve Worker Wellness and Safety

GoX Ergois the only sensor kit on the market that measures form, fatigue, force, and rate of perceived exertion from the user.

(Phoenix, AZ) Wearable sensors and innovative algorithms are now able to protect factory workers from bad lifts and overexertion that increase the risk of injury.

GoX Studio, an innovator in worker assessment using proprietary wearable sensors and algorithms, has developed the most comprehensive and accurate sensor kit on the market. These sensors can be easily worn by workers to improve their safety and well-being as well as dramatically reduce worker’s compensation claims caused by injury.

“In many ways, factory workers and blue-collar laborers are industrial athletes,” says Joe Hitt, Ph.D., the Co-Founder and CEO of GoX Studio. “Our goal is to provide tiny sensors and smarter algorithms that don’t just monitor workers, but empower each worker to protect their own health and safety.”

The complete version of GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness includes a motion torso clip-pod, smartwatch, smart insoles, a smartphone, and one-year software license that tracks over 20 physiological and biomechanical metrics that are key to identifying injury risks.

The motion torso pod measures good and bad lifts by simply clippingthe pod to a shirt. A worker also receivesreal-time haptic feedback on their smartwatch, alertingthem to potential risks in their lifting form.

The smartwatch also measures fatigue using VO2 levels (how the body uses Oxygen) within 95% accuracy of a hospital VO2 mask test. GoX Ergo is the only lab-free solution that measures worker-exertion levels for energy used and helps workers modify their pace to avoid injuries potential injuries associated with fatigue.

The smart insoles prevent workers from lifting more than is reasonable for their bodyweight.

A recent deployment of a complete GoX Ergo kit at a U.S. Steel Manufacturer resulted in projections of $1.5 million in savings and worker injury avoidance. GoX Ergo is currently deployed at more of the Steel company’s factories.

According to OSHA and Economic Institute, in the United States, 5.2% of the workforce are injured every year. The average three-year cost of an injury is $127,000. In sum, over $56 billion for lift-related injuries are paid per year, and $250 billion in direct and indirect costs are lost per year to workplace-related injuries.

GoX Ergo for Worker Wellness is sold in two versions. The complete kit is sold for $2,400. The light kit—that does not include the smart insoles and tracks only five key physiological and biomechanical metrics—is sold for $700. Volume pricing is available for both GoXErgo kits.

This breakthrough technology was originally developed and funded by the U.S. Army to monitor soldier fatigue and predict potential injury during combat missions. GoX Studio has the exclusive license to put the technology to use to improve worker wellness, prevent injury, and ultimately reduce worker’s compensation claims.

GoX Studio is a veteran-owned business. The GoX Ergo kitalgorithm achieved 95% accuracy compared to much more expensive clinical standards. More information on GoX Ergo is available at

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