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Smartwatch – to protect the global workforce

Available now on Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series, Boost aims to use predictive AI models to eradicate preventable workplace risks, including heat injuries, for the 350 million exposed workers world-wide.

PHOENIX – October 9, 2023 – GoX Labs, a global leader in enterprise safety artificial intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of the world’s first enterprise safety AI solution, Boost. By using predictive AI models, Boost can detect and alert workers of impending workplace injuries. The Boost app can be integrated on Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series, acting as the newest addition to Samsung’s ecosystem of services; designed to best serve the needs of the frontline workers.

GoX Labs’ Boost is the only all-in-one safety AI solution that is effective against the top workplace risks, including heat stress, musculoskeletal injuries, and falls. Boost applies predictive AI models to eradicate future injuries with pin-point risk identification, individualized engagement, and data-driven interdiction. “GoX Lab’s vision is to help workers return home safe every day,” said Dr. Joe Hitt, CEO and co-founder of GoX Labs.

“Our award-winning solution has been shown to eliminate a significant number of modern threats such as heat injuries. The workforce needs our support given evolving challenges such as global warming, increasing incidence of chronic disease, and an aging workforce. By bringing Boost to Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series, we have the means to help,” continues Dr. Hitt.

Boost reinforces the unwavering commitment of both GoX Labs and Samsung to provide exceptional support for industrial and frontline workers, with specific aim to increase enterprise productivity, wellness and safety. Adding to Samsung’s versatile ecosystem of enterprise devices and services, the Boost app on Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series is enhanced by health sensors and manageability solution, Samsung Knox Manage for Wear OS.

Boost is now available for enterprise customers around the world.

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